The links below will take you to each chapter of The Teacher-Friendly Guide™ to Climate Change.

Overview: A Quick-start Guide to the 12 Chapters of the TFG to Climate Change

Chapter 1 – Why Teach About Climate Change?

Chapter 2 – What Should Everyone Understand about Climate Change and Energy?

Chapter 3 – What is Climate?

Chapter 4 – Climate Change through Earth History

Chapter 5 – Evidence for and Causes of Recent Climate Change

Chapter 6 – US Regional Climates, Current and Future

Chapter 7 – Climate Change Mitigation

Chapter 8 – Geoengineering

Chapter 9 – Climate Change Adaptation

Chapter 10 – Obstacles to Addressing Climate Change

Chapter 11 – Perspective

Chapter 12 – Frequently Asked Questions about Climate Change

You can download the entire Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change HERE.

Thank you to Sustainable Tompkins, Climate Generation, New York State Master Teacher Program, New York City Department of Education, and the Los Angeles Unified School District for helping to distribute The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change!

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